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  • Case Name: Ozone in Mushroom Growing
  • Case Number: QJ-8012K-80g

Ozone in Mushroom Growing


Mushrooms are highly nutritious and a valuable crop but commercial growing presents

many problems.

Usually the crop is of high density making it susceptible to the spread of disease.

These diseases by their nature are prolific and difficult to stop without damaging the

actual crop.

Mushrooms themselves are a fungus and as such are susceptible to treatments designed to

destroy the diseases.

Between crops the growing room can be thoroughly washed down prior to

refilling using high level ozonated water. This disinfection process

is extremely effective and can replace the use of dangerous chemicals.

Ozonated water can also be used for watering the mushroom crop,

replacing the use of some chlorine based chemicals.


Ozone in the air before the room is filled and during the initial

days when all growth is well covered can destroy disease spores and

organisms in the air. These spores enter the room on dust, on people

and in the air. Ozone in the air can reduce the incidence and spread

of these diseases.