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  • Product Name: ozone application in jeans bleaching and decoloration
  • Product Number: ozone bleaching

ozone application in laundry washing,jeans bleaching and decoloration

Introduction to Ozone

Although the properties of Ozone have been known and studied since
the mid-19th century, it is only during the last few decades that it has
been applied in commercial and industrial contexts. In the late
1970's, its properties were investigated in the US by the Jet
Propulsion Laboratory, NASA and at various other military
installations. These studies confirmed the disinfecting and resource
conservation benefits of ozone. It is only in more recent years that
interest has shifted to the utility of this substance for the commercial
laundry industry.


Benefits in Laundry

1.Replenishes oxygen in the wash water

2.Purifies the wash water

3.Works at lower water temperatures

Disinfects the wash water

Softens the wash water

Decomposes fats, oil and grease (FOG)

4.Reduces and Often Replaces Chlorine Bleach

5.Prevents Redeposition

6.Efficient Deodorizer