Ozone application in cosmetics industry


Ozone application in cosmetics industry



Features of ozone disinfection

1.ozone as a kind of gas,easy to spread,no dead band,ozone concentration can be well-proportioned

2.one of the most powerful oxidants,effectively kills bacteria,virus

3.can kill different kinds of pathogenic microorganism,such as  escherichia coli ,Salmonella, Staphylococcusaureus,Armour hepatitis b disease.

4.ozone is easy to produce.the gas feed is just coming from our ambient air source

5.environmental:ozone can be decomposed into oxygen easily,without second pollution

ozone disinfection in these areas:

1.containers disinfection  

2.clean room disinfection

3.space disinfection

4.materials space sterilization

5.water disinfection

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