Air purifier ozone generator
Applications: 1) This product produces ozone gas,and has a strong oxidation catalytic role of viruses and bacteria in the ozone gas due to a variety of radical protein dissociation degeneration...
Application: 1. Family, school, hospital, warehouse, hotel, kindergarten, office, farm, food factory, cosmetics, edible mushroom, hospital room, poultry plant...
Applications: Air Treatment: air purifier and sterilizer; eliminate mold, odor andsmoke;home, kitchen,office,hotel room,hospital rooms air purification, expedite human metabolism, etc.
Water treatment: (1)Water Disinfection :Ozone is a broad-spectrum fungicide quick , strong resistance against various pathogens and spores , viruses, and others have a better killing effect than ...
air treatment:air purifier and sterilizer ,cold room,waste gas treatment,odor removal water treatment:water purifier and sterilizer,fish farming,swimming pool,aquarium,waste water, drinking water,bo
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