3g 5g 10g/h wall mounted ozone generator for hotel

Serial number QJ-8003K-5A

Retail price Quanju

Product origin Guangzhou

Delivery time 3-7 days

Supply capacity 1000 units per month

Quanju has been in ozone generator manufacturing industry for more than 10 years, supplying 500mg/h-5kg/h air feed ozone generators and 10g/h-5kg/h oxygen feed ozone generators, 5L/min-500L/min PSA oxygen generators and car ozone anion air purifiers.

Email : ozone@ozonemade.com

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    Dimensions (L * W * H) CM

    Power supply

    Weight (KG)

    Power (w)


    Ozone disinfection machine








    Ozone disinfection machine







    Using gas source

    The use of oxygen (oxygen generator or bottled oxygen) or the use of clean dry air source

    Ozone concentration

    Oxygen source :80-120mg / L, air source :15-20mg / h


    1) This product produces ozone gas,and has a strong oxidation catalytic role of viruses and bacteria in the ozone gas due to a variety of radical protein dissociation degeneration, nucleic acid and enzyme activity decreased, thus the sterilization 

    2) ozone is a broad-spectrum bactericidal, has a very strong role in the killing various types of bacteria and viruses.

    3) ozone and formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, xylene and other toxic gases occurred degradation, oxidation, and other complex physical and chemical reactions, and non-toxic harmless byproducts, to avoid secondary pollution.

    4) the use of ozone gas sterilization disinfection and degradation of organic waste gas, eliminate odor, purify the air is a state-of-the-art high-tech international, domestic and foreign experts called environmental science of the 21st century one of the four technology.

    5) depth treatment of tap water (or well water); vegetables, fruit pesticide degradation and food preservative; kitchen, dining room, knife kitchenware, refrigerator, dish rack, breeding ground, storerooms, utensils, bedding of sterilization; bedding, linens clean

    6) To promote health: Ozone can quickly restore oxygen, increase indoor oxygen concentration, and promote the activation of human cells, improve blood circulation and metabolism, the prevention of disease.

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