• Ozone application in cosmetics industry

    ozone as a kind of gas,easy to spread,no dead band,ozone concentration can be well-proportioned

  •  ozone water for washing fruits and vegetables

    ozone is not only a kind of powerful oxidants ,but also a kind of disinfectants.

  • ozone application in Pharmaceutical,cosmetics,food processing factory

    usually the needed ozone output will be calculated according to the space volume.If the space is very big,then normally there are two ways to install the ozone machine.

  • ozone application in hospital waste water

    except the normal contaminant,there are special pollutant in hospital waste water such as drug,disinfectant,detergent etc

  • ozone tannery sewage treatment,ozone

    ozone has powerful ability of oxidation.It can degrade the COD,BOD and has good effect on decoloration. But for different waste water,needs different method to equip the suitable ozone machine..

  • ozone application in pig farm

    ozone application in pig farm

  • ozone for chicken farm application

    Ozone application for poultry-farm Normally there are two aspects of ozone applications for poultry-farm. One is ozone air purification,sterilization for the farm.

  • ozone for fish farming,aquaculture

    WHY USE OZONE IN AQUACULTURE? Removal of fine and colloidal solids Removal of dissolved organic compounds Removal of Nitrite

  • Ozone Treatment for Bottled Water

    The ozone treatment enhances the water quality of most drinking water in general. However, it is a key and essential treatment for the production of safe, high quality, good tasting, aesthetically ple

  • Ozone laundry system

    Laundry Ozone Systems have been used for years, primarily in the larger branded hotels. Advanced technology has resulted in lower production costs, increased efficiencies, and higher cleaning performa

  • ozone generator for beverage production and processing

    Ozone generator for beverage production and processing For beverage and juice processing,pipeline,production equipment and container can be washed,steeped with ozone water.

  • ozone for swimming pool water treatment

    Ozone for swimming pool application Ozone was first used as a water sanitizer in France in the early 1900s. It is the most popular method of treating drinking and pool water throughout Europe.Ozone i

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