50g ceramic plate ozone generator

Serial number OG-50G

Retail price Quanju

Product origin Guangzhou

Delivery time 5~7 days

Supply capacity 100 per month

Quanju has been in ozone generator manufacturing industry for more than 10 years, supplying 500mg/h-5kg/h air feed ozone generators and 10g/h-5kg/h oxygen feed ozone generators, 5L/min-500L/min PSA oxygen generators and car ozone anion air purifiers.

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  • 50g/h ceramic plate ozone generator for commercial kitchen


    Ozone output: 0-50g/h adjustable

    Ozone produced method:ceramic plate

    Cooling way: air cooling

    Stainless steel casing;24 hours timer

    Gas source: air source

    Built-in air blower;CE approved

    High ozone concentration and ozone output,far conveying distance,perfect sterilization effect

    Large dust-proof and radiator-grid,with excellent heat dissipation and long life

    Front door to access equipment

    Lags welded for installation against wall


    ozone output:


    unit weight:



    220/110v 50/60hz

     ozone concentration:


    gas feed:

    air feeding



    case material:

    stainless Steel 304

    disinfection space:


    cooling method:

    water cooled


    teflon tube,fuse

    ozone produced method:

    ceramic plate

    ozone outlet





    wall mounted



    air flow:



    The electrostatic filter is removing only the solid particles and part of the odour generated by the cooking process.

    The remaining odour is a gas that needs to be treated with a very strong neutralizer. Ozone is a well-known powerful disinfectant.

    It will remove the smell from the kitchen exhaust system.

    The generator ozone outlet is connected to the exhaust duct after the exhaust hood. The ozone needs a minimum contact time with the odour to be able to change its structure and destroy it. Two seconds is the ideal timing.

    The ozone generator can be installed without an electrostatic filter if
    the cooking only generates grease mist (no smoke).

    The ozone breaks down the grease and odour by oxidation

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