​​How to calculate ozone output for water treatment

2017/12/28 16:12

How to calculate ozone output for water treatment via QUANJU OZONE

With the popularization of knowledge of ozone, more and more people have a great interest in ozone disinfection, but there is often a lot before use concerns, choose how much ozone generator output to meet my needs? In fact, for the application of ozone dosage, the Ministry of Health has set the standard:

Relatively clean water, ozone dosage of 0.5 ~ 1.5g/m3; polluted drinking water, ozone dosage amount of 3 ~ 6g/m3; For various types of wastewater treatment, ozone concentration of 30 ~ 250g/m3. Ozone can kill or destroy them all microorganisms and fungi, and removal and degradation of harmful substances in order to improve the quality of drinking water, effectively avoiding chlorine disinfection to generate organic chlorides and other carcinogenic substances. Ozone is usually used in the field of dosage, we list the following information:

Using the industry


The purpose industrial applications

Quality of water supply

1-2 g/m3

Ozone for drinking water, in addition to disinfection, but also both bleaching, odor removal of iron, manganese, remove chlorine, oxidative decomposition of organic matter, control algae and improve water quality, taste, environmental protection, no residual chlorine dioxide can avoid bringing secondary pollution.Food and beverage can plant in Lee made ozone ozone water disinfection.

Pure water

5 g/m3

Mineral water

3-5 g/m3

Running water

3-5 g/m3

Water and secondary pressurized water supply

5 g/m3

Water Wells


Food, beverage, dairy water

3-10 g/m3

Pool circulating water

1-2 g/m3

Disinfection and sterilization, decomposition of humic substances; improve water quality, the water show a beautiful blue; stable PH value; decomposition of organic matter in water to remove chloride side effects: effective treatment with chlorine to prevent the elimination of eye irritation, skin irritation, and Ikegami Department air pungent odor; reduced use of chemical reagents.

Hospital sewage

10-20 g/m3

Efficient, rapid disinfection and sterilization, kill a variety of microorganisms, removal of water color, odor, and cyanuric chloride and other contaminants, increase dissolved oxygen in water to improve water quality, the decomposition of biodegradable organic matter and three induced substances, improving water biodegradability , easy to decompose, will not cause secondary pollution.

Water reuse

5-10 g/m3

Sterilization, disinfection, sterilization, bleaching, to taste, no secondary pollution

Industrial wastewater

Testing to the industry

Rapid decomposition of cyanide in waste water, phenol and other organic fuels bleaching to taste, remove harmful substances, reduce the COD

Industrial cooling water

0.5-1 g/m3

Disinfection, algae, descaling

Water treatment ozone dosage calculation: The required ozone generator output = water flow (m3 / h) × dosage (g/m3)

Note: for the production of drinking water for sterilization or disinfection ozone generator oxygen source selected is appropriate; Oxygen source ozone generator produces nitrogen oxides, to come out of the water without any residue, water quality, good taste, long shelf life advantage by the majority of people like it, but the amount of ozone in the dosing when dosing strictly according to quality