Ozone laundry system


Laundry Ozone Systems have been used for years, primarily in the larger branded hotels. Advanced technology has resulted in lower production costs, increased efficiencies, and higher cleaning performances, such as brightness. As a result of these improvements, the addition of ozone equipment to existing laundry operations has become more widespread.

What is ozone? Ozone is a gas that's produced in an ozone generator. An ozone generator takes in air and converts it into 90% oxygen. The oxygen is then electrically charged causing the oxygen atom to split. These atoms then reassemble and form the ozone gas (O3).

How does an ozone laundry system work? The ozone gas is injected directly into the wash wheel where it dissolves in the cold water, opens up the fibers and releases stains. Opening up the fibers makes the linens easier to dry and results in a decrease in drying time. After the wash cycle is completed, the ozone is then vented through a carbon tower and absorbed. It is important to insure safety in the laundry room by installing an ozone monitor. An ozone monitor should be set to alarm at 0.05 parts per million.

Adding ozone equipment to existing washing machines can completely eliminate a laundry's need for hot water because ozone works best in cold water. It also reduces the wash cycle and dryer times by a combined 30%, thus allowing for more laundry productivity. In addition, the rinse cycle is reduced from two cycles to one allowing for a water/sewer savings. Because ozone leaves only oxygen behind, it is also environmentally friendly.
Laundry operations currently account for almost one-quarter of all water consumed in a typical hotel and 17% of the hot water annual heating costs. Hotels that install ozone systems in their laundry facilities will experience more productivity in their laundry operations. Shorter dry times, fewer chemicals, less water, electricity and natural gas, and less wastewater are some of the benefits of ozone systems. An added bonus to ozone laundry systems is the extended life of their linens. Typically, the life of linens is increased by up to 20% as a result of not using hot water and fewer chemicals being needed

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