ozone for chicken farm application


Ozone application for poultry-farm

Normally there are two aspects of ozone applications for poultry-farm. One is ozone air purification,sterilization for the farm.

Another way is feeding poultry ozone water timed.

During the process,ozone will change into oxygen or water without second pollution. Feeding ozone water is the easiest method to improve economic performance and reduce usage of chemicals.Ozone water can control harmful pathogenic bacteria,reduce death rate and feed cost ,increase oxygen level in water and create a more healthy environment for poultry growing.

Effects of ozone sterilization

1.Effectively improve breeding environment:

Effectively removes ammonia ,hydrogen sulfide,odor,kills 99.9% bacteria and virus promptly. Improves rate of survival,reduces dosage,cost of production etc.

2.Improve fodder percent conversion:

Feeding ozone water can increase oxygen content of blood,accelerate alimentation sorption, improve ability of disease-resistant,prevent infective disease

How does ozone remove ammonia or bad odor?

Ozone will be emitted into the farm through corona discharge ,react and decompose with harmful gas such as odor,ammonia,Hydrogen Sulfide etc from poultry excreta.

If you can smell some Active oxygen flavour at 4-5 meters far from the ozone generator,it means that you have made good disinfection effect of odor removal and at this time,all the bacteria and virus such as Escherichia Coli,Staphylococlus,ND,Cholera,flu etc.According to authority detection,ozone can kill 99.9% bacteria and virus.

Ozone will reach very good effect of disinfection when bacteria is blow safe concentration (0.1PPM),which is 3 meters height,4-6mg per hour per square meter,it will do fortissimo sterilization with more than 99% disinfection rate.Usually,disinfection effect will be better if has lower temperature,higher humidity.




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