Ozone generator service life and maintenance


Ozone generator service life and maintenance

Ozone generator is suitable for the process of storage, preservation and disinfection of raw materials and finished products of food production enterprises, such as: cold storage disinfection, sterilization and purification of air in the production workshop, vegetable and fruit processing, storage and anti-mold preservation The sterilization and quality of mineral water and the disinfection of production water, production tool containers, packaging materials, etc .; help food production enterprises to pass the GMP and HACCP system certification of the food industry.

The use cost of ozone generator

 Some companies believe that the purchase cost of ozone generators is high, and the cost of use will be high, but it is not. Take the air source ozone generator commonly used by our enterprise as an example:

1. Low raw material cost

 Ozone has a sufficient source of raw materials, and air can be used directly as a raw material. Raw materials and raw material processing cost almost no cost.

2. Simple and convenient operation

   When using a microcomputer-controlled ozone generator, you can set the working parameters without personnel on duty, for example, you can set a fixed time to turn on or off.

3. Simple and convenient operation

  When using a microcomputer-controlled ozone generator, you can set the working parameters without personnel on duty, for example, you can set a fixed time to turn on or off.

4. Low operating costs

  For ozone disinfection, the cost of consumption is mainly electricity. For example, a food workshop with a volume of 300 cubic meters can be disinfected with ozone, keeping the space ozone concentration at 10ppm for one hour (according to 1ppm≈2.14mg / m3, 300 cubic meters requires 6.42 g ozone). To meet this requirement, it is sufficient to use an ozone generator with an ozone generation capacity of 10 g / h. The power of this equipment is 70 to 80 watts. In other words, an 80-watt ozone generator can be satisfied as long as it runs for one hour.

Ozone generator service life and maintenance.

  Ozone generator can be used normally for 5-6 years. If you maintain it carefully during use, it may have a longer life.

   A variety of factors lead to a decrease in ozone output: A equipment has a simple configuration and no gas source treatment device. The particles in the gas source will stick to the dielectric of the ozone generator for a long time and cause the ozone output to decrease; Ozone production has dropped; the structure of the C ozone generator itself is unreasonable, the quality of the manufacturing materials is low, the life is too short, and the decay period will lead to the decline of ozone materials.

Therefore, we need to pay attention to the usual cleaning and maintenance:

1. Always be placed in a clean environment with dry and well ventilated. Ambient temperature: 4 ℃ -35 ℃; relative humidity: 50% -85% (without condensation).

2. Regularly check whether each electrical part is damp, whether the insulation is good (especially the high voltage part), and whether the grounding is good.

3. If it is found or suspected that the ozone generator is wet, the insulation test of the machine should be performed and drying measures should be taken. The power button must be activated only when the insulation is in good condition.

4. Regularly check whether the vents are clear and covered. Do not block or cover the vents.

5. The continuous use time of ozone generator generally does not exceed 8 hours.

6. After using the ozone generator for a period of time, you should open the shield and carefully remove the dust with alcohol cotton..


How to use ozone for environmental disinfection in food workshop.

  For different food storage rooms, different ozone concentrations should be designed according to the different substances stored. The ozone generation method generally adopts the pipe-and-tube type, and it can be open for small workshops, such as direct fixed installation or mobile (suitable for most food factories).

  When using the ozone generator, it is strictly forbidden for staff to work and work in a high-concentration ozone environment. The ozone concentration is 0.15mg / L as the threshold of olfaction, which can be scented by ordinary people. , May have adverse effects on the human body, generally speaking, the safe use of ozone can completely ensure that human health is not harmed. Guangzhou Quanju Ozone Technology Selection provides you with a one-stop solution for ozone generator selection, use, and after-sales maintenance system.



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